Exhibit #8 (2022)

When refugee Aisha and cameraman Elias decide to shoot a documentary on the mysterious disappearance of Aisha’s brother, they discover the dark truth and cross paths with another film crew, who are creating an even more sinister narrative.


Gravitas Ventures distributes in the US.

The feature debut of Rotterdam based director Ruben Broekhuis.

Said to “give a whole new twist to the found footage genre.”

Described as a “documentary-style fiction film.”

This is a found footage horror movie.

Gravitas Ventures released Exhibit #8 on VOD on April 25, 2023.


Director: Ruben Broekhuis

Official Site:  EXHIBIT #8
Dread Central:  ‘Exhibit #8’ Is A New Terrifying Found Footage Nightmare
Horror Fuel:  Examine The Trailer For The Docu-Style Horror ‘Exhibit #8’


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