Time’s Up (2022)

On New Year’s Eve, a faculty party for local teachers, still reeling from the suicide of a bullied student, goes horribly wrong when an unexpected guest arrives with an unusual request: participate in a scavenger hunt or die! Accompanied by a diligent reporter as well as a girl bent on discovering the truth about her friend’s death, the partygoers race to reveal secrets about their mysterious tormentor and each other before the first firework explodes, and the New Year begins with a bloody surprise!


Dark Sky Films distributes in the US.

Filmed in Portland, Maine.

The killer in this movie is named “Father Time.”

Written/directed by actor-turned-director L.C. Holt (Home Sick, Pop Skull, You’re Next, Terror Trips).

This is an 80’s slasher throwback film.

Dark Sky Films released Time’s Up on Digital and VOD on July 18, 2023.


Director: L.C. Holt

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