Mean Spirited (2022)

After receiving an invitation to his estranged friend’s mountain cottage, a wannabe Vlogger aims to bury the hatchet with their now-celebrity friend who isn’t quite himself anymore.


The Horror Collective distributes in the US.

Filmed in the Poconos Mountains, where writer/director Jeff Ryan was quoted saying: “There’s no better way to spend your October than filming a movie in the Poconos Mountains amidst abandoned hotels, ice-cold waterfalls, and haunted mansions.” Adding… “I’m not superstitious, but one night after filming some spooky scenes, my door opened and closed throughout the night, my shower smelled like sulfur, and birds flew into our windows during breakfast. After rescuing the injured bird back to health, the haunting of Mean Spirited stopped.”

Co-written/directed by Jeff Ryan (Mass Hysteria).

This is a found footage horror comedy.

The Horror Collective released Mean Spirited 0n VOD and Digital on February 7, 2023.

Mean Spirited premiered on Shudder on May 1, 2024.


Director: Jeff Ryan

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