Everyone Will Burn (2021)

In a small village in Leon, Spain, María José prepares to end her life after failing to get over the suicide of her bullied son years before. Everything changes when she receives a visit from Lucía, a strange little girl who could be connected to a local legend about stopping an impending apocalypse. With the enigmatic girl by her side, María José faces the corrupt community, overloaded with sadistic secrets and immoral lies.


Drafthouse Films distributes the film via limited theatrical release before going to VOD in the US.

Filmed in various locations in the provinces of Madrid and Ávila, Spain.

Known as Y todos arderán in Spanish.

Said to be inspired by “the horror flicks of the 1960s and the musicals of the 1950s, although it doesn’t have any songs in it. It’s quite a strange fusion, but we all wanted to shoot it as if it were a musical and bring to mind that classic brand of cinema, even if it’s a highly entertaining movie that encompasses drama and the hard-hitting craziness of modern horror.”

Described as a “spiritual successor to Rosemary’s Baby.”

This is a Spanish horror drama.

Drafthouse Films released Everyone Will Burn in Select Theaters on December 1, 2023.

Drafthouse Films released Everyone Will Burn on Digital on December 5, 2023.

Drafthouse Pictures released Everyone Will Burn on Blu-ray and DVD on January 9, 2024.


Director: David Hebrero

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