Don’t Come Back Alive (2022)

Police officer Camila, criminal prosecutor Fátima, and police detective Ángel, face extremely dangerous situations, gruesome murder cases, evil criminals. During an operation in a suburban area, they have an encounter with a sinister female figure in a suicide-by-immolation ritual. This bloodthirsty being, more powerful than death itself, is here to play with them a wicked game.


Indican Pictures distributes in the US.

Also known as Mete Miedo.

Alternate synopsis: Camila is a young member of an elite police unit. During an operation in a dangerous area, she turns up in the middle of a ritual, in which their members burnt themselves to death. She suffers severe burns all over her body and goes into a coma. In her long recovery, her friend Fatima, a criminal prosecutor, and her partner and ex-boyfriend Ángel will help her. But Camila acts strange, she is distant, emotionless. The albino, a female figure who is attached to her soul since the ritual episode, is here to play a game with the three of them.

Written by Hernán Moyano (Cold Sweat).

This is an Argentinian horror movie.

Don’t Come Back Alive arrived in Theaters in Argentina on September 29, 2022.

Indican Pictures released Don’t Come Back Alive on VOD and DVD on August 29, 2023.


Director: Néstor Sánchez Sotelo

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