The Woods Are Real (2024)

Joba and Quincy are a privileged, fiercely progressive Brooklyn couple – they buy the right things, donate to the proper foundations, and march for every just cause. But when their friend, Caleb, returns from a country pilgrimage challenging their bleeding liberal hearts, Quincy is initially skeptical. But when Joba insists they take up an invitation to the same off-grid spot, they are met by a kitschy cabin in the woods peppered with analog devices of a simpler age: a rotary phone, religious iconography, an Edison machine. And when a curiously labeled record plays a menacing message, Joba and Quincy rapidly learn that their bank accounts have been drained, their digital records erased, and their family businesses are collapsing. They try to flee, only to grow more enveloped by the woods. With nothing left but the clothes on their backs, the couple find themselves trapped in a spiritual test of survival.


Gravitas Ventures distributes in the US.

Described as a “folk horror twist on the story of Job.”

Gravitas Ventures released The Woods Are Real on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD on March 12, 2024.


Director: Alix Lambert

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