Light (2024)

After crash-landing in an escape pod on a dark and misty planet, Niu pulls on her emergency spacesuit and sets out searching for other survivors, including her young son. She quickly discovers that there is life in the fog – and that the lights she must use to find her missing boy draw in an alien predator. In a race against time, Niu must evade the creature and locate her lost boy before their oxygen runs out. But as Niu starts to encounter other survivors, it becomes clear that they are not here by accident – and that there are worse things than creatures lurking in the dark.


Vertical Entertainment distributes in the US.

Filmed in London, England, UK.

The feature film directorial debut of Matt Woollard.

This is a UK sci-fi fantasy thriller.

Vertical Entertainment released Light in Select Theaters and on VOD/Digital Platforms on March 29, 2024.


Director: Matt Woollard

Flickering Myth:  A mother is lost on a hostile alien planet in trailer for sci-fi Light

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